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All Gates Lead to Sig 

Sig is the nexus of the multiverse, where eternal planes and infinite primes meet. It’s a rough home for cutters and bashers, hungry for coin and glory. It’s a city of gods, demons, and stranger things which lurk. It’s a place where opposites meet, trading knives and kisses in equal measure.

The Silent Regent once ruled over the city with a bladed fist. Now her throne sits empty and the criminal factions battle for control. They dispatch crews of Freebooters, clever and bold, to further their schemes. This is where you come in.

In Sig: City of Blades, you will play the Freebooters in service to once of the mighty city factions. Your faction depends on you to perform vital missions to seize territory and coin from their rivals. This is a game about clever spies, renegade sorcerers and reckless smugglers. You are the best of the best and the worst of the worst.



Sig: City of Blades is a cosmopolitan planar fantasy heist roleplaying game, adapted from Blades in the Dark. This is a game where your crew of bold Freebooters fights over territory, status, and bloody coin. Now let's go steal immortality from the Vault of Heaven.

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorGenesis of Legend Publishing


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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SCOB Claim Sheet.pdf 84 kB
SCOB Crew Sheet - Daughters of the Raven.pdf 250 kB
SCOB Crew Sheet - Glimmer Knights.pdf 250 kB
SCOB Crew Sheet - Order of Ashen Keys.pdf 299 kB
SCOB Crew Sheet - Reforged Blades.pdf 320 kB
SCOB Crew Sheet - Void Striders.pdf 259 kB
SCOB Map.pdf 230 kB
SCOB Reference Sheet.pdf 312 kB
COB.Errata.pdf 289 kB
SCOB Character Sheet (Revised).pdf 678 kB
Sig - City of Blades Corebook.pdf 76 MB


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hello, there seems to be an error either with the character sheet or the book. The pdf list that characters have 9 boxes of health and stress but the character sheet only has 7 boxes.


Yes, there is an error with the character sheet that I am correcting currently. There will be 8 standard boxers, with the 9th boxes representing the Burnout or Retirement conditions. An update is on the way.